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Boarding Schools Gauteng

A boarding school is a school where learners attend school and live during the school year with their fellow students and possibly teachers or administrators called border masters. You can be a term boarder or weekly boarder. Most boarding schools also have boarding house prefect and Head Master. Generally each standard will have its own boarder masters depending on the size of the boarding school. Boarding schools Gauteng offer great education and the opportunity for good academic results plus they breed good sportsman.

Weekly boarder stays from Monday to Friday and generally goes home on weekends where the term boarders only go home during holidays.

Boarding school teaches self-reliance. This development in a learner is unique to the boarding school experience, and as students manage peer relationships, academic requirements, and personal responsibilities, they are preparing themselves for a smooth transition into adulthood. Today many business leaders are from boarding schools.
There are many benefits available for all students who attend a boarding school in Gauteng, regardless of whether or not the school offers a specific focus. With teachers and boarder masters living close to the learners, they are given the opportunity to learn outside the classroom.
Involvement in extracurricular activities is another benefit boarding schools share. Most students who attend a boarding school participate in more sports, arts, and other extra- curricular activities than those enrolled as day scholars.

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Boarding school

A school where pupils are provided with meals and lodging. (Education) a school providing living accommodation for some or all of its pupils.

Boarding Schools Gauteng

Children need education.

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Gauteng is home to many of the top boarding schools found in South Africa. Help your child make the most of their educational years.